Thursday, 3 October 2013

How I stuff my freezer

Today I finished my second prep day in my Dubai kitchen. This means the freezer is stuffed, my hand is blistered and Sam made dinner tonight. Somehow I never have the foresight to think about the current day’s dinner when I do my prep days and we always end up with either Sam cooking or ordering take-out – keep meaning to change that.

So here, as promised is what I get up to on these prep days.

I like to start by cutting up all the vegetables. Most women I’ve read about doing this start by labelling and writing instructions on their freezer bags. I however, must admit that the idea of that level of organisation kind of freaks me out – what if I change my mind about what to add, what to call it etc. etc. Therefore I choose to leave that step until I’ve filled the bags, which creates the much more desirable barely legible scribble effect. Which is just so much more me.

Then, once I have worked up a good blister or two, I line up and open my empty freezer bags and start sharing the ingredients between them. This is the point at which I tend to start getting the most creative – and where things tend to start going the most wrong. I am learning though. For instance, I learned last month that just because I enjoyed juicing the entire bag of lemons, that does not mean that every meal I am prepping will taste good with a cup (or four) added.

Eventually, when the veg, meat and seasonings have all been put in the right bags, I get to scribble my instructions on them and load them into the freezer – Tetris style!

This is by far my favourite part of the process. Not only because of the fun I have arranging the bags in the most space-effective way possible (maximising hard-on-soft-mould-ability) but also because of the immense sense of satisfaction I get from stepping back at the end and knowing it’s not only all done but also looking neat and tidy!

My first Prep-day, I prepped and fit twelve bags into the freezer. But there was still a bit of space left so today I prepped fourteen which fit nicely with still a little bit of wiggle room. Therefore, next month I’ll be shooting for the stars and attempting to squeeze sixteen in there – go me!


  1. That is some truly impressive tetris skills you've got there. And I totally agree that the writing of the labels is best left until last. It's just not right if everything is too neat.
    This also backs up my theory that you are the most organised person I know. I suppose it's a good habit to get into, though. I should start taking notes.

    1. Yep, I'm glad to be able to say that computer game skills are actually useful in my day to day life :P

    2. It was also evident in your packing skills. I'm amazed at how much you got into so few boxes. But it was quite sad to see you stuffing teddies into a slow cooker.

    3. I had completely forgotten about that, everything had been unpacked when I arrived so it was my in-laws and Sam who had the joy of cutting all of our tape and bubble wrap as well as discovering our unique packing style. I did also originally think a few things had gotten lost, but then found them wrapped around my sewing machine foot when I took it's cover off.

  2. You got very creative that day. I'd love to have seen them unpacking those boxes & finding the most bizarre things in the most unusual places.