Friday, 27 December 2013

Hello again

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

As you may have noticed, I shut down the blog for a while. Life just got a bit busy and having this blog sitting open, waiting for more posts, was using up headspace when I didn’t have much of it to spare. So I decided to close the blog for a while and now that the dust has settled a bit I’m ready to open it again.

I actually wrote that first paragraph (if it can be called that) and opened up the blog again two weeks ago and have no good reason for not having actually posted anything in that time. I’ve been going through a productive streak and yet somehow never felt inspired to blog. I guess having taken such a long break from thinking about blogging has made it easier to continue not thinking about blogging.

I considered abandoning this page, after all,the biggest reason I started this blog was because I enjoyed writing for it and if I wasn’t enjoying writing for it anymore, there would be no point in making myself carry on. I, however, ended up concluding that just because I was struggling to get properly into the swing of writing regularly, that didn’t need to mean I wasn’t still enjoying the writing when I did it.

And I do indeed still enjoy this, chatting to a blank page, the steady beat of construction keeping me company through the window and being fuelled by the hope of bringing a little piece of entertainment to my dear ones when they read this.

The only thing that could make this morning more blissfully perfect would be a nice cup of something hot (it’s getting chilly out here in the desert) so I am off to delve into the delicate game of jenga which is my tea collection – the kitchen cupboards getting organised into a more user friendly system is unfortunately still on the to-do list – and hope to see you soon, possibly in the new year!

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