Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pigeon Little

A Couple of weeks ago we had a little baby pigeon hang out on our balcony for a couple of days before he was fully ready to take on the big bad world. He turned up looking bewildered and fluffy and went on to huddle in a little corner, preen his itchy new feathers and stare intently at my carrot shoots before launching himself into grown up pigeon life.

Pigeon little1

Pigeon little2

The poor wee thing didn't seem at all amused with this whole life-outside-of-the-nest thing.


  1. Two blog posts in one week? Mayhem!
    What an adorable little fluff ball he is. After being kept awake by the pigeons outside my window in Edinburgh I never thought I'd find one cute.

  2. The baby cute factor will always win!