Saturday, 1 March 2014

This year so far…

Sam and I finally made use of the buildings’ cinema room and hired it for a viewing of TinTin accompanied by some extremely indulgent Baskin Robins treats. After a bit of the obligatory running back and forth trying to figure out what control did what - and where to point it – we had a really nice evening in what felt like our own little private cinema.

why the conference table?

I repaired a top that’s had a hole in it for four years – small victories count too!


I got a ‘hug’ from my phone at a very opportune moment.


We were visited by a giant mystery bird of the night who pooped on our balcony rail. Probably TMI but I had to share – with photographic evidence of course – since it genuinely was like a mammoth poop compared to that of our regular pigeon visitors.

Mammoth poop

Normal poop

And finally, the two little pansy plants I picked up have been going nuts, taking over their previously far-too-large pot and popping up flowers like there’s no tomorrow!

     Pretty pansies


  1. That cinema room looks awesome. What do you mean by "hired" it? Do you have to pay to use it at all, or just if you want privacy?
    The flowers are beautiful too.

    1. Yeah we pay a bit for every hour we use it, and technically you're supposed to book it but we just went to the guy and said we wanted to book it for now. It doesn't get used much...